Interested to know more about me? Here is my profile !!

Profession: Primary activity as a consultant in the domain of Information security and IT Infrastructure . Also, Director of  SII Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  Major activities are ISO 27001 consulting, implementation, audit, training, maintenance and related activities. IT infrastructure management, system administration, servers installation, migrations, remote management etc.  Trainings on Information Security, Linux basics and administration, FOSS (Free/Open source Software) topics.

Experience: Over 25 years in the IT industry.

Education: B.E. (Electrical engineering from COEP), DBM (Diploma in Business Management), MCM (Masters in Computer Management), Diploma in Cyberlaw (Studied but not appeared for exam)

Professional certification: ISO 27001 Lead auditor

Academics: Visiting faculty for Pune University courses like MCM, MCA and Symbiosis University course MSc (CA)  for subjects on server technologies and networking, Information security.  Colleges:  Symbiosis, IMCC, SP college etc.  Involved in syllabus design for MCM, BCS, MCS course. Regularly involved in paper setting and assessment activities.  Training given to teachers in various Faculty training programs, Quality improvement programs.

FOSS activities:  A well known FOSS evangelist. Co-ordinator and secretary of PLUG (Pune Linux Usres Group) for last 11 years. Organisor of various FOSS events like GNUnify conducted by PLUG. Trainer for Linux awareness program conducted by PLUG. Conducted  various trainings for organizations like Yashada, ESIC etc. Also conducted trainings in Quality improvement programs for teachers. Speaker for FOSS topics at various conferences like  Currently working as consultant to Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana (BP), Pune for E-learning project (Live transmission of Mathematics lectures from BP received by other colleges) and also for FOSS workshops projects for Teaching Mathematics using FOSS. Both projects are funded by MHRD.

Extra Curricular Activities: I am an amateur photographer and member of Photographic Society of Pune.  Was managing committee member for some years. I was Managing Committee Member of Pune District Table Tennis Association for 5 years. (and was Treasurer for about 3 years within that span)

Other achievements: In July 2006, BENEFIT magazine (from the Linux for you/ Electronics for you magazines group) carried an article on me. They had started a new session on consultants and I was the first one to appear in the session. Benefit magazine is primarily targeted towards SMEs (small and medium enterprises). I have been on Star Majha TV channel (Marathi news channel)  as an expert on FOSS related activities.