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Primary activity as a consultant in the domain of Information security and IT Infrastructure. Major activities are ISO 27001 consulting, implementation, audit, training, maintenance and related activities. IT infrastructure management, system administration, servers installation, migrations, remote management etc. Trainings: Information Security, Linux basics and administration, FOSS (Free/Open source Software).

Experience: 35 years in the IT industry.

Professional Achievements:

ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Certification from DNV India

Enlisted in Cert India empanelment


Certificate Program in "Digital Forensics & Information Gathering" from CDAC, Thiruvananthapuram

Certificate Program in "Criminal Justice Data Analysis “ from IIT Kanpur

Masters in Computer Management, Pune University

PG Diploma in Business Management, Pune University

B.E. (Electrical engineering) from College of Engineering, Pune

Studied Diploma in Cyber laws from Symbiosis University. (Attended the course, never appeared for examination

Academics: 25 years of experience in academics include syllabus design, paper setting, teachers training programs and teaching post graduate students from Pune, Symbiosis University. Subjects are Operating Systems, Information Security, Risk Analysis, Systems Audit etc. Member of “Board of Studies” of Symbiosis University as domain expert in Information Security and allied subjects.

Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) activities: A well known FOSS evangelist. Co-ordinator and secretary of PLUG (Pune Linux Usres Group. for more than a decade. Organisor of various FOSS events like GNUnify conducted by PLUG. Trainer for Linux awareness program conducted by PLUG. Conducted various trainings for organizations like Yashada, ESIC etc. Also conducted trainings in Quality improvement programs for teachers. Speaker for FOSS topics at various conferences.

Wikipedia activities: I have been involved in promoting Open knowledge activities. Been a Wikipedia volunteer for many years. Volunteering done for various activities like Wiki-Academies, seminars, workshops etc. Was executive committee member of Wikimedia India Chapter for 2 years. Was President of Wikimedia India Chapter till Aug 2013. Wikimedia India chapter  ( is a registered non-profit organisation for the promotion of Wikipedia and the sister projects like commons, wikisource etc.

Language activities: Released free Devnagari font “Aksharyogini”. It is included in many Linux distributions. Available from “ “ website. Participated in Marathi translation work for various modules like desktop, mobile etc. for FUEL project. FUEL project is for localisation activities of most of the commonly used entities on computer systems. More details available on ” ” . FUEL project work is referred/used by Government sites in India. Have been a speaker/panelist in FUEL conferences held across the country. Participated in Mozilla Marathi translation activities. Marathi localisation work is used in the Marathi localised products like Firefox browser.

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Email ID : for professional/business work for community activities, social media activities

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